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KOOPMANS K & OOSTERHUIS R (2023) Primary moult of House Sparrow Passer domesticus in northern Netherlands. LIMOSA 96 (3): 110-118.

Wing-moult was studied in 2609 House Sparrows caught in three different habitats in the North of the Netherlands: a rural area, a green suburb, and the centre of a small village. Sex and age of the birds could not always be determined, but there were no indications that moult differed between the habitats. The first juveniles started their wing-moult at the end of May, which is 4 to 6 weeks after leaving the nest. The first adults started their wing-moult mid-June, shortly after their young becoming independent. Adults moulted faster than juveniles did. Early September the first birds completed their moult, although two birds in active moult were still observed in November. A small number of birds shortly suspended their moult early in their moult. The mean duration of wing-moult was 85 days overall.

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