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DE JONG A, GEBUIS H & VAN DER ES T (2017) First successful breeding of Osprey Pandion haliaetus in the Netherlands. LIMOSA 90 (1): 25-33.

In the Netherlands, numbers of migrating Ospreys have doubled since the early 1990s, and over-summering Ospreys were increasingly noted. Until 2016, these birds refrained from breeding, although nest building was occasionally recorded. To encourage breeding in the Netherlands, artificial nests have been placed in suitable habitats throughout the country from early 2000 onwards. However, it took more than a decade before the first breeding attempts were observed. In 2015, two nests were found on electricity pylons in National Park De Biesbosch, a freshwater tidal area in the southwest of the Netherlands. These nests were likely built by one Osprey pair, but they refrained from egg laying. Presumably the male of this pair returned the next year and built two more nests in pylons. In 2016, another Osprey pair raised a single chick in a tree nest in the Brabantse Biesbosch. Nest building had started in the preceding autumn and was finished early April 2016. The male had been ringed as a nestling near Rogätz, Northern Germany, in 2012; the female was unmarked. Start of laying was estimated at April 25th, hatching date at May 31st. Of at least two chicks, only one survived till fledging; fledging date was August 4th when the chick was supposedly 66 days old. In 2017, the male and presumably the same female Osprey returned to the tree nest and bred successfully again. Another pair occupied one of the pylon nests of 2016 and also bred successfully

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