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VAN KLEUNEN A, VAN ROOMEN M & FOPPEN R (2017) Red and Amber List of migratory and wintering birds in the Netherlands. LIMOSA 90 (3): 131-138.

Red List assessments in the Netherlands used to focus on breeding birds only. This is remarkable given the huge numbers of birds that use the Netherlands during migration and winter. Therefore a national Red, Amber and Blue List for migrants and wintering birds was produced.
First, all flyway populations using the Netherlands during migration or in winter were identified. As flyways have been defined for waterbirds only, they also were identified for landbirds, based on ringing data. Subsequently we determined the functional use of these flyway-populations of the Netherlands, i.e. whether they used the Netherlands during migration, winter, or both.
In accordance with Red List evaluations for breeding birds, different levels of conservation concern were identified on the basis of population sizes and population trends. For trends, 1950 was taken as the year of reference. A population was listed at a higher level of concern if its spatial distribution in the Netherlands was restricted (i.e. occurring at five or less locations). Furthermore, only populations were included at the Red or Amber List in case the numbers in the Netherlands were of international importance. This excluded scarce, occasional visitors to the Netherlands from the Red and Amber Lists.
263 populations were evaluated, of which 39 were placed at the Red List. In addition, nine populations qualified for the Amber List, because of recent declines. The Red List comprises quite some populations with Arctic breeding grounds, and populations that winter in farmland. Some noteworthy species on the Red List, which hitherto received rather little attention in the Netherlands, are Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica nilotica and Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola.

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