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TULP I & KLEEFTRA R (2016) Andermans veren. LIMOSA 89 (4): 189-190.

KLEEFSTRA R GierzwaLuw met airco
Neumann C. 2016. Behavioural thermoregulation in the Common Swift during flight. British Birds 109: 286-292. http://

TULP I Broeden op het strand
Gómez-Serrano M. Á. & P. López-López. 2017. Deceiving predators: linking distraction behavior with nest survival in a groundnesting bird. Behavioral Ecology (2017), 28(1), 260–269. doi:10.1093/beheco/ arw157

TULP I Partnerkeuze visdieven: for better or worse
Rebke, M., P. H. Becker and F. Colchero 2016. Better the devil you know: common terns stay with a previous partner although pair bond duration does not affect breeding output. Proc. R. Soc. B 284: 20161424.

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