LIMOSA publishes papers, short notes and progress reports on field ornithology concerning birds in The Netherlands and is issued four times a year.


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FIJN R, LEOPOLD M, DIRKSEN S, ARTS F, VAN ASCH M, BAPTIST M, CRAEYMEERSCH J, ENGELS B, VAN HORSEN P, DE JONG J, PERDON J, VAN DER ZEE E & VAN DER HAM N Concentrations of Common Scoters Melanitta nigra in the Dutch coastal zone demonstrate the importance of available benthos
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NIJLAND F & TIMMERMAN A Habitat choice of Common Snipes Gallinago gallinago staging in wet grasslands during spring and autumn migration
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KLEEFSTRA R & TULP I Andermans Veren
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VAN KLEUNEN A, VAN ROOMEN M & FOPPEN R Red and Amber List of migratory and wintering birds in the Netherlands
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Appendix: Van Kleunen A., M. van Roomen & R. Foppen 2017. Red and Amber List of migratory and wintering birds in the Netherlands (in Dutch). Limosa 90: 131-138
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