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BILL W, BOTH C, DE BRUIJN B & KLEEFSTRA R (2019) Andermans Veren. LIMOSA 92 (3): 208-209.

DE BRUIJN B Winterse Fluiter wil bomen, maar met mate
Mallord J.W., C.J. Orsman, J.T. Roberts, K. Boafo, R.Q. Skeen, D.K. Sheehan & J.A. Vickery 2018.
Apparent resilience of a declining Afro-Palaearctic migrant to forest loss on the wintering grounds. Ibis 160: 805-815.
Buchanan G., J.W. Mallord , C.J. Orsman, J.T. Roberts, K. Boafo, R.Q. Skeen, R. Whytock, M. Hulme, T. Guilain, G. Segniagbeto, D. Assou & J.A. Vickery 2018
. Changes in the area of optimal tree cover of a declining Afro-Palaearctic migrant across the species’ wintering range. Ibis (online early).

BOTH C Fluitend over de Sahara?
Blackburn E. & W. Cresswell 2016.
High within-winter and annual survival rates in a declining Afro-Palaearctic migratory bird suggest that wintering conditions do not limit populations. Ibis 158: 92-105.
Blackburn E. , M. Burgess, B. Freeman, A. Risely, A. Izang, S. Ivande, C. Hewson & W. Cresswell 2019.
Spring migration strategies of Whinchat Saxicola rubetra when successfully crossing potential barriers of the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea. Ibis 161: 131-146.

BILL W Europese trekvogels in gedegradeerd habitat
Willemoes M., A.P. Tøttrup, M.L. LercheJørgensen, E.M. Jacobsen, A.H. Reeve & K. Thorup 2017.
Spatial behaviour and density of three species of long-distance migrants wintering in a disturbed and non-disturbed woodland in northern Ghana. Bird Conservation International 28: 59–72.

KLEEFSTRA R Veren ontrafelen kemphanentrek
Schmaltz L.E., A.H.J. Loonstra, E. Wymenga, K.A. Hobson & T. Piersma 2018.
Quantifying the non-breeding provenance of staging Ruffs, Philomachus pugnax, using stable isotope analysis of different tissues. Journal of Ornithology 159:191–203.

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