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KLEEFSTRA R (2023) Andermans Veren. LIMOSA 96 (3): 142-144.

Skorb K., L. Jankowak & A. Zbyryt 2023. Light‑emitting greenhouses affect daily vocalization behavior in birds. Journal of Ornithology 164: 399-405.

Engler M., Y. van der Horst, M.M. de Chapa & O. Krone 2021. How much to carry? Implications of maximum load carrying capacity for prey use of urban and rural Northern Goshawks Accipiter gentilis. Bird Study 68: 433-442.

Bell F., S. Bearhop, M. Briedis, M. El Harouchi, S.C. Bell, J. Castello & M. Burgess. 2022. Geolocators reveal variation and sex-specific differences in the migratory strategies of a longdistance migrant. Ibis 164: 451-467.

Bange A., A. Backes, S. Garthe & P. Schwemmer 2023. Prey choice and ingestion of microplastics by common shelducks and common eiders in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. Marine Biology 170:54.

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