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KLEEFSTRA R (2022) Other publications. LIMOSA 95 (1): 49-52.

Gillings S. & C. Scott 2021. Nocturnal flight calling behaviour of thrushes in relation to artificial light at night. Ibis 163: 1379-1393.

Panter C.T. & A. Amar 2021. Sex and age differences in the diet of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) using web‐sourced photographs: exploring the feasibility of a new citizen science approach. Ibis 163: 928-947.

Pollock H.S., S.E. MacDonald, J. VizentinBugoni, J.D. Brawn, Z.S. Sutton & M.E. Hauber 2021. What the pluck? The theft of mammal hair by birds is an overlooked but common behavior with fitness implications. Ecology 102, e03501.

Rymešová D., D. Pavlíček, J. Kirner, J. Mráz, I. Papoušek & I. Literák 2020. Parentage analysis in the White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla: are moulted feathers from nest sites a reliable source of parental DNA? Acta Ornithologica 55: 41–52.

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