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TULP I & KLEEFSTRA R (2019) Andermans Veren. LIMOSA 92 (1): 32-35.

TULP I Een kruidig nest: goed voor ouders en nageslacht
Gwinner H., P. Capilla-Lasheras, C. Cooper & B. Helm 2018. ‘Green incubation’: avian offspring benefit from aromatic nest herbs through improved parental incubation behaviour. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285: 20180376.

TULP I Waarom vogels geen tanden hebben
Yang T.-R. & P.M. Sander 2018.The origin of the bird’s beak: new insights from dinosaur incubation periods. Biology Letters 14: 20180090.

TULP I Darwins snavels revisited
Navalón G., J. A. Bright, J. Marugán‐Lobón & E. J. Rayfield 2019. The evolutionary relationship between beak shape, mechanical advantage, and feeding ecology in modern birds. Evolution 73: 422-435.

KLEEFSTRA R Bezint eer ge begint met draineren
Jóhannesdóttir L., J.A. Gill, J.A. Alves, S.H. Brinke, O. Arnalds, V. Méndez & T.G. Gunnarsson 2019. Interacting effects of agriculture and landscape on breeding wader populations. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 272: 246-253.

KLEEFSTRA R Moord- en doodslag in de nestkast
Samplonius J.M. & C. Both 2018. Climate Change May Affect Fatal Competition between Two Bird Species. Current Biology 29: 1-5. cub.2018.11.063

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