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VAN REISEN J (2017) Dynamics of breeding numbers and distribution of Meadow Pipit in a coastal dune area. LIMOSA 90 (1): 34-40.

Territories of Meadow Pipit were mapped in Berkheide, a 940 ha coastal nature reserve near Katwijk, Zuid-Holland (52.18° N, 4.38° E) during 1975-2014. Until 1984 numbers gradually decreased and the population shifted from the inner dunes in the east to the coastal dunes in the west of the study area. After 1984 numbers recovered slightly, but increased strongly after the area between coastal and inner dunes (intermediary dunes) was restored in 2001-02by removing bushes and artificial ponds used for water purification. Remarkably, the pipits not only re-colonised the restored area, but also neighbouring areas. Here a 24% increase in the availability of bare sandy patches occurred (due to as yet unknown causes), which may have improved foraging conditions for Meadow Pipits. After 2008 the population decreased again in all habitats.

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