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(2016) Andermans veren. LIMOSA 89 (2): 90-92.

TULP, I Chillen boven in de boom
Nadjafzadeh M., H. Hofer & O. Krone 2016. Sitand-wait for large prey: foraging strategy and prey choice of White-tailed Eagles. Journal of Ornithology 157: 165–178.
Dijksterhuis K 2016. http://www.dijksterhuis. net/natuurdagboek/waar-zijn-de-zeearenden

SCHEKKERMAN H Laat foute trends niet de trend worden
Kamp J., S. Oppel, H. Heldbjerg, T. Nyegaard & P.F. Donald 2016. Unstructured citizen science data fail to detect long-term population declines of common birds in Denmark. Diversity and Distributions (2016), 1–12, DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12463.

KLEEFSTRA R. Kip het meest veelzijdige stukje vlees
Djerdali S., J. Guerrero-Casado & F.S. Tortosa 2016. Food from dumps increases the reproductive value of last laid eggs in the White Stork Ciconia ciconia. Bird Study 63: 107-114.

TULP I Mantelmeeuwen en visafval
Sommerfeld, J., B. Mendel, H.O. Fock & S. Garthe 2016. Combining bird-borne tracking and vessel monitoring system data to assess discard use by a scavenging marine predator, the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus. Marine Biology 163: 116.

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