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(2016) Andermans veren. LIMOSA 89 (1): 34-36.

KLEEFSTRA R Ook bij Taigagaaien is het hemd nader dan de rok
Griesser M., P. Halvarsson, S.M. Drobniak & C. Vila 2015. Fine-scale kin recognition in the absence of social familiarity in the Siberian jay, a monogamous bird species. Molecular Ecology 24: 5726-5738. doi: 10.1111/mec.

KLEEFSTRA R Raven met bijzondere gaven
Bugnyar T., S.A. Reber & C. Buckner 2016. Ravens attribute visual access to unseen competitors. Nature Communications 7: 10506. doi:10.1038/ncomms10506.

SCHEKKERMAN H De grote Afrikaanse zangworkshop
Sorensen M.C., S. Jenni-Eiermann & C.N. Spottiswoode 2016. Why do migratory birds sing on their tropical wintering grounds? American Naturalist, doi: 10.1086/684681. Sorensen M.C. 2014. Singing in Africa: no evidence for a long supposed function of winter song in a migratory songbird. Behavioral Ecology 25: 909-915.

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